Our mission is to create our best, serve our best, and give our best. Creating is what allows us to continuously grow and improve, to always be our best.

Our Values

Quality ice cream

Starting with the highest quality ingredients and sustainably sourced dairy, our product is wholesome, delicious, and hand-crafted by people who genuinely care about making unforgettable ice cream.

Joyful experiences

While serving the most delicious ice cream around, we treat our guests like they are family, welcome everyone with a smile, and provide exceptional service like nowhere else.

Meaningful employment

By sustaining a team of hardworking, caring, and knowledgeable individuals, we maintain an environment of growth and encourage opportunity. We take seriously our responsibility to guide the next generation through navigating life, work, and personal goals.

Community Space

Providing a safe and accepting place for gathering and building relationships, we help create lasting memories for all who come through our doors.

Local Connections

Engaging in the city that gave us a home by partnering with local non-profits and creators to make a lasting impact for good.


Layla at Shop

Layla Isaac created Ice Cream Social in the summer of 2012 after experimenting with a second-hand ice cream maker. She found a need for quality, handmade, local ice cream in Tacoma and decided to take on the challenge. Layla, a self-taught chef, and baker, had spent years baking wedding cakes and catering private events. Family and friends tested her ice cream recipes, which used natural, local ingredients, and soon she could barely keep up with their orders. Layla and her family worked hard to continue building the business. With long hours making ice cream, scooping at Tacoma farmer’s markets, filling requests, catering parties, and eventually selling wholesale to Tacoma restaurants, Ice Cream Social steadily gained a loyal following. 

Layla and Jamie at Farmers Market

In the Summer of 2013, Jamie happened upon Ice Cream Social’s stand at the Broadway Farmers Market. Like so many others, she couldn’t get enough; Salted Caramel was her go-to favorite. Jamie had always dreamed of applying her business background to her love of food and realized that partnering with Layla might be the best way to merge those two interests.

Jamie scribbled her contact info on a torn notebook paper and handed it to Layla at one of the markets, saying that an Ice Cream Social scoop shop is exactly what Tacoma needed!  Several months later, Layla and Jamie became business partners, committed to establishing a space where people could come together and enjoy out-of-this-world ice cream. 

Into the Future

Layla & Jamie in Shop Window

The dream of a scoop shop became a reality on June 24, 2014, when Ice Cream Social opened on 6th Avenue. It was an instant hit with the surrounding community, as the delicious smell of freshly rolled waffle cones can be detected up to three blocks away! Providing both traditional and specialty flavors in a fun atmosphere, the shop was a huge success. On July 19, 2017, a second location opened in the newly rebuilt Point Ruston waterfront area.

Today, Ice Cream Social can be found in many local grocery stores and is featured on the menu of some of Tacoma’s favorite restaurants. We make all our ice creams by hand with only the best ingredients and strive to positively influence the community through partnership, sponsorship, and good business practices. We look forward to many more years of putting smiles on the faces of our neighbors, one scoop at a time!